Heroism and Morality: Changing Perspective

    Two of my favourite philosophers happen to be Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche and two of my favourite philosophers had completely contrasting views on morality. While Kant the virtuous peaceling considered morality as a basis of all individual endeavours, Nietzsche, brutal realist,  viewed morality as a manifestation of a herd instinct that results… Continue reading Heroism and Morality: Changing Perspective

Pakistan Army: the Arsonist of Kargil

https://www.dawn.com/news/1417105 To live under a demon is horrible but it still doesn’t match the horrors left by demon`s footprints. South Asian institutions barring perhaps the Chinese still suffer from the complexes our slavery under the Gora Sahib earned us. While either most or all institutions suffer from indiscipline but the RSS and Pakistan army are… Continue reading Pakistan Army: the Arsonist of Kargil